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100% Organic Za'atar
Use organic za'atar on just about any food for added vitamins, minerals and flavor!
we offer our za'atar in Jars, on non-GMO Dough and on Cashews, Pecans & chips


Vegan,Healthy Za'atar-filled folded flatbread

No Refrigeration required!

Perfect for travel, hikes,camping

snow sports, fishing, any athletics ...

*HAMOOSA PRO has added ground chickpea for an increased source of protein and fiber.

From the land of the Mediterranean to your home, we bring you our story of LOVE, HEALTH, and ADVENTURE. 

MOUSSA HAMOOSA uses the most authentic,

100% Organic Za'atar made in small batches.

Our Organic Za'atar, Non-GMO,Vegan Flatbreads and our za'atar nuts and chips are a nutritious part of your daily dietary needs.

Take these Za'atar ENERGY SNACKS with you wherever you go!

Best Value


Za'atar is a mixture of thyme, oregano,

sumac, sesame seeds and salt.These 

herbs and seeds provide vitamins

A, C, D and K, 

Omegas 3 & 6,





and zinc.


What is za'atar? 

Our Philosphy

Moussa Hamoosa is a tastebud sensation, that makes your microbiome happy and adventures happen.